Aquazemin 3D Floor

Aquazemin 3 D Floor is a form which applied to the floor providing decoratively visuals.



One of the most important elements of our flooring spaces vary according to the needs and developing technology. We know the basic materials of wood flooring, carpet, in materials such as stone has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some disadvantages are difficult to restrictions imposed by the choice of floor covering. In addition, the property owned by the floor material, model, type or restrict users depending on the manner and most importantly show resistance to humidity according to usage, features like easy cleaning and durability is not possible to accommodate one. 3D floor applications to use the bathroom on the ground floor is one of the most convenient and stylish.

AQUAZEMİN my expectations and provide features 3D Floor has been developed to fold differences in our lives. AQUAZEMİN s is defined as the visual decoratively applied to the floor. Three-dimensional ground application where users like, or select the visual design of the floor is made as to montajlaş and special protective layer is coated with a resin. Today, a new generation of applications in the ground floor in 3D floor, our company is proud to be the pioneer in the 3D floor and work my AQUAZEMİN.

AQUAZEMİN much more aesthetic than conventional floors, decorative, easy to apply, durable, can be applied to wet, can be cleaned easily from many features such as free and currently holds joint. The recognition of the unlimited freedom of choice to the user, as well as facilitate our daily lives.

3 floor be under the same roof in size and aesthetics dekoratiflik Decor 3D floor work that must be feeling.