Who should get Aquazemin?


  • UNLIMITED VIEW CHANCE” Aquazemin which can be applied to all spaces easily offer unlimited choice to users who wish to be differentiate and create oneself their spaces.
  • END TO BORING SPACES” APersons who want to fold differences to spaces as design and visual sense with Aquazemin,
  • END TO JOINT GAP” Some factors such as abrasion, bacteria and fungi seen in bathrrom and joint gap cause to the for-mation of a bad smell and sight in time. In this case, users are still unhappy. Permanent and it is difficult to provide a healthy solution. Aquazemin my thanks to those bad situations are eliminated. Joint whether the interim, without committing to a specific product or color is produced lasting solutions with extensive visual richness.
  • ENGAGEMENT” Our customers are called different methods to get the effect of the dream. The case is very easy to convert Aquazemin.
  • CREATING THE DIFFERENCE” In stores and sales departments who want to attract customers.
  • Those who want to enrich the places where it
  • Whether those who wish made different thing
  • Who will be happy to make Surprises

What Aquazemin provides;

  • Floor gives a decorative appearance.
  • It has anti-bacterial properties.
  • Easy to clean and wipe off.
  • Aesthetic and natural.
  • There is no grout joints are monolithic.
  • Shows excellent resistance to aggressive chemicals.
  • Dilute acid, dilute and concentrated alkalis and resistant to cleaning agents and disinfectants.
  • Clearing and cleaning is very easy.
  • Solvent free is certainly not harmful to health.
  • Provides heat and noise insulation.
  • High resistance to impact.