Aquazemin How to Apply?

Applying Aquazemin is performed as three parts.

  • Substrate Inspection and Discovery: Firstly discovery and analysis is performed of the space which will be applied Aquaze-min. Application method and shape is determined according to condition of the floor.
  • Audio Selection and Design: Visual which was chosen from visual bank our customer’s preferred is selected and its ap-plicability is checked. The approval is taken from the customer.
  • Application Process to Floor: Our expert staff pastes visual to floor according to project. Special protective coating is applied on applied image. Application area is closed a certain time to usage for drying and hardening of this layer.

Issues to be considered during the application;

  • Aquazemin space to be applied must be clean. Certainly there should not be dust dirt.
  • If the lack of ground water leakage currents, etc. It is important to eliminate these pre-discharge.
  • The application must be empty space. The area should be controllable. The implementation of unfinished construction sites lowers productivity.
  • Flooring should not be entered in the field during the process.
  • The floor should not be used for at least 24 hours after applying special protective layer to the floor (depending on ambient temperature).